Where have you been and what have you done that has changed your life forever?

For author and photographer, Carrie Wagner, that was three years in a rural village in western Uganda.

Authentically Beautiful

Village Wisdom: Immersed in Uganda, Inspired by Job, Changed for Life, is an authentically beautiful book - the photographs and design reflect rugged beauty of people in a land that has not been defined by fashion, fad or development. Renowned photographer, Jason Miccolo Johnson writes, "For anyone who has ever wondered how people survive in villages where the inhabitants' subsistence depends upon the land and the collective knowledge of their ingenuity, Village Wisdom is a godsend. Carrie has walked us up mountainsides and down pathways in Uganda, introducing us through her emotion-filled photographs to people who produce the maximum with the minimum."

Experience a Journey

Through Carrie's photographs and personal journal entries, you will feel the experience of immersing into African life. Published 15 years after living in Uganda, working with Habitat for Humanity International, Village Wisdom is more than a memoir story. As Carrie reflects on the hardships of third-world living, she contrasts the challenges of poverty with the richness of culture, and uses those experiences to develop a framework for shaping her role as an individual, a wife, and a mother.

Discover Epiphanies

The story is challenging. Carrie's "Epiphanies" (lessons learned) provide a platform for discovery. Her insights provoke an assessment of cultural values and behaviors.

Engage Life in a New Way

Released at a time when our emotional tanks are drained by economic recession, natural disasters of epic proportions and partisan politics, this book gives a refreshing perspective on core values, global citizenship, and cross-cultural friendships.

The end result? You will be inspired to stretch your own internal and external borders in order to experience life more fully than you have ever imagined. For more details about the book click here