"Thank you for sharing yourself so deeply in Village Wisdom. What a rare gift to read of another's journey and struggles. I so appreciated your vulnerability and clarity and stunning photographs."

"Your chapter called "Simple Decent and Affordable" makes so much sense! Maybe if "simple, decent and affordable" had been to the fore in people's minds in the run up to the global recession, greed and also ridiculous amounts of credit being made available where the chances of repayment were minimal, the world might not be where it is today. As a statement of missions and development, it's amazing. After I read that chapter in your book, I found myself thinking about it in all contexts and want to continue to 'use it as a measuring stick for all aspects of my life."

"Your description of "Global Citizens" was really helpful and comforting. My friends who have also spent time as expatriates are very special to me. We may not talk about it much but there is that knowing that we understand what makes each other tick, and that there is a dimension to each of us which comes from that "other" experience.

"Reading Village Wisdom has given our family the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a global citizen, to help us realize it's not "all about us". It is a peek into the future for both Chance and Maya as our world becomes a global society. It is a story of heartfelt life lessons mixed with touches of humor."

"So much of the modern academia is still uprooted from the essence of "village wisdom" in development, education, collaboration and social cohesion. I think your book helps readers and outside communities find a stepping stone on how we should tread, wade and paddle across foreign and strange waters."

"I read it cover to cover and there were several nights where I stayed up late to keep reading it. As I had mentioned, I liked the pictures, but I really liked your description of your journey of faith and how honest you were about it being hard sometimes."

"I've decided not to rush through it but to read one chapter a night because there is so much challenge in it. It is making me think deeply and also to pray about some of the issues you raise."

"It was real. Looking at the photos practically made me feel like I was right there on the African Continent seeing it with my own eyes."