Carrie Wagner

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Why did I write this book? Because I believe each of us is uniquely gifted to serve the needs of others. I would guess that most of us desire a meaningful life. The way that is defined and what it looks like is as diverse as the human race itself. My experience in Africa was unique to me, but the lessons learned are ones that have widespread application. I am thankful for this incredible and diverse world of ours, and I feel that we share responsibility for protecting, preserving and nurturing the resources that sustain our lives.

Our world is vast and full of needs. In fact, the problems are overwhelming. But if each of us contributes our tiny drop in the bucket, to the areas that draw our interest and skills, we can together preserve the life that means so much to us. The synergy that comes through working together for a common goal is powerful and life changing. In a world that is now connected and interdependent, we are called to be Global Citizens. It is time to shift our "me-focused" trend to "outward-focused" attitudes which will, in the end, benefit all of us.

Carrie Wagner, a native of North Carolina, worked with Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) for 11 years, serving with her husband in Uganda, Americus, Georgia and South Africa. Her work with HFHI covered the spectrum of grassroots community development to international coordination of training programs in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Through her position as International Training Director (1997-2000) Carrie wrote and published key training materials and delivered training on a variety of subjects, including non-profit board development, strategic planning, diversity, and cross-cultural communication. Carrie has a BA in Environmental/Visual Design from North Carolina State University. She has practiced photography for 25 years, specializing professionally in portraiture since 2000. She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband and two sons.